Morning routine-motivation

How you start your day can affect your productivity, motivation and overall mood. By waking up a little earlier than usual and practicing a proper morning routine, you can improve your mental and physical health. These are a few habits that can make your morning routine very beneficial.

Skip checking your phone
In order for your brain to function properly, you shouldn’t be checking your social media or email in the morning. Instead, without napping, get out of bed and drink lots of water.

Physical activity
It doesn’t have to be much, you just need to get your body moving. So do yoga, stretch, or go for five-minute walks outside. This will stimulate your blood circulation and allow the cells to get the oxygen they need.

After you finish your physical activities, sit comfortably and meditate for five minutes. If you go to the gym, your body becomes stronger, and if you meditate, your mind becomes stronger. This habit can be beneficial in the long run, as it lowers anxiety levels, increases self-awareness and concentration, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, etc.

Getting ready for the day
A cold shower is recommended in the morning. It slows down heart rate, reduces stress, improves metabolism, increases energy levels, makes skin and hair look better, improves the immune system and much more. After that, you can have a healthy breakfast that will provide you with nutrients. Of course you can add some of your habits that have had a positive effect on you in the past.

On a plain they always tell you, in case of an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others that may be in danger. Same thing stands in real life, first you need to make sure you are happy and healthy in order to be useful to other people. One way is to practice morning routine, so try it for a while and observe benefits that it brings you.

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