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Get your custom restaurant mobile application

Allow customers to order in advance to reduce their wait time, bring them back with a loyalty program, and promote your restaurant, all with your branding.

What you'll get

Custom mobile application
Available on iOS
Available on Android
Multi-location support
Mobile ordering system
Loyalty system
Free Tablet

Feature timeline

Just like your restaurant, your app is growing. We're constantly adding new features as requested by our industry-leading customers. This timeline will grow with our customers, and we'll adjust it to fit your needs!

What people are saying

We love the online sales results. We see higher sales revenue per order through the app, and the advantage of having our products visible for the client.
Carlo — Owner at Gourmet Burger
We receive on average 20-30 orders a day for the app! Accepting orders in real time on our tablet was very handy. Now we focus on our clients and cooking without having the phone line as a bottleneck.
Ghassan — Owner at Halal Guys
I received many more orders, because I posted the information about the ordering system on the Facebook page, and we have over 3000 followers. And to promote this system, I am giving 10% discount if the guest orders online... I've never given any kind of discount in the history of the restaurant. You can see how much I value your system.
Jimmy — Owner at


+ Why do I need an app now?
Restaurant apps like OpenTable and UberEats have shifted consumer behaviour towards the widespread use of mobile apps. Early restaurants that have understood this and have already capitalized on the opportunity created by this changing behaviour.
+ I'm not tech-savvy. Do I need experience to own an app?
Our dashboard is very easy to understand and we take care of everything technical. We make sure to fit your mobile orders to your restaurant's existing processes.
+ Who takes care of the app once I've paid for it?
We take care of all new feature releases and bug fixes. We will send you reports via email and you'll be able to access your payments portal to view all of your transaction history and to issue any refunds as necessary.
+ Does Restoply take a cut of my transactions?
We understand that one of the most important reasons for getting an app is to get away from the huge fees that companies like UberEats charge. For this reason, we will never take a cut of your transactions.
+ I only have one location. Do I need an app?
You can start one with one location and, when you decide to expand, just let us know. We'll add your other locations!
+ Can Restoply integrate with my POS system?
For now, we don't integrate with POS systems, but we will provide you with a free tablet to receive your mobile orders!
+ Who takes care of the designs?
We'll take care of all designs. We'll send you all of your finalized works of art before we release your app.
+ I don't have any experience getting downloads for an app. Could Restoply help me with that?
With the help of our texting program, you should have no problem getting downloads for your app. We will also give you proven strategies and marketing assets to help you get off the ground, and we're always available to talk strategy!
+ My POS company is offering an app that integrates directly with them. Why should I choose Restoply?
POS companies are definitely great at processing orders and payments, but they struggle with getting downloads. An app isn't much use if nobody has it! We have experience in getting downloads for apps in the food industry and have generated over 35 000 app downloads.
Reward your customers with an app!
Get in touch!
Reward your customers with an app!
Get in touch!