Restoply - SMS Texting Marketing Program
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Retarget your customers with SMS marketing

The Restoply SMS program is your business card bowl reimagined. Through our program, you'll be able to effortlessly collect your clients' contact information, and retarget them through SMS. With an open rate of 98%, you can be sure your message will be seen.

How it works

Your customer texts your number
Your customer simply needs to text your chosen keyword to the number we provide you! They'll automatically be added to your client list. Try it yourself: Text TRY to 438-600-3325.
Your customer receives your messages
We'll help you build a custom campaign that's right for your restaurant. Whether you want to get more customers in your downtime, generate positive reviews, or get feedback on that new dish is up to you! Communication with your clients has never been simpler.
You get a custom report
Find out how your messages are performing, and how you can keep customers coming back for more. With our custom reporting, you'll always know how you're customers are doing, and how you can improve.
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