Features For Your Custom App
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Get your own custom restaurant mobile application

Allow customers to order in advance to reduce their wait time, bring them back with a loyalty program, and promote your restaurant, all with your branding.


Custom Branding For Your Restaurant
A strong brand is one that will associate feelings and emotions between your restaurant and your food. Solidify your branding in your app with images, colors, and designs that we'll help you create.
2x More Reminders
Reward Customers With Loyalty
Loyalty programs are a proven way to bring your customers back. Loyal customers like to be rewarded, and our in-app solution does exactly that. Every dollar your customers spend earns them points to spend at your restaurant.
3x Purchase Frequency
Order In Advance
Improve your customer experience by letting them skip the line. Ordering is moving to mobile. Let your customers place orders that you will receive on your own tablet. The order feature integrates seamlessly with the loyalty program.
33% Bigger Cart Size
Reward your customers with an app!
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