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How To Respond To Reviews - Infographic
By Rory Bokser
Respond to online reviews has a serious impact on your business. Customers browse your online profile before showing up in your restaurant. Here's a short infographic describing how to manage your online reviews.
8 Most Effective Tactics To Build Your Customer Email List
By Rory Bokser
How do you bring your customers back to your restaurant more often? Email marketing is the proven strategy for delivering your message. But first, you need a list of emails. Here's how...
The Ultimate Restaurant Branding Guide
By Rory Bokser
We surveyed our subscribers, and one of the most requested topics to cover was restaurant branding. Branding is elusive, often vaguely described, and subjective. This post aims to paint a clear image...
7 Ways To Increase Restaurant Sales
By Rory Bokser
Owning a restaurant is tough business. You pour your life into your food, your staff, and your customers. But surviving and thriving is a challenge. Here are 7 tips and tricks to boost your sales and profitability.
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